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Product Featuress


Mobile cameras are very powerful. We created a way of recording videos and capturing photos with preselected settings for best possible output.


Typically on mobile devices, whenever we enter a camera app, the music stops. We didn't like that and so now we can play music from any available app without interuptions. Exclusive controls available when playing music from Spotify, Apple music and Youtube.

Edit Content

This app didn't feel complete without some editing features. Not only can we record and capture photos, we can also edit this without having to leave or download any other app.


Now that we started addding great editing features, we wanted to be able to edit other videos and photos that were not captured with Media Monster. Now if we have any saved photos or videos that we want to edit, we can import them and do so.


Media Monster is exclusively available on the appstore.

More Features


When we first created this app, our phone had a really good camera but it didn't show it when we were recording a video. Now, we have added the ability to record a video and capture photos at the best quality the device camera can support. On top of that, we can also change the camera quality in app. Depending on the device, we can have video quality settings such as 4k at 60 frames per seconds or go as low as 144 pixels at 30 frames per second.

Bluetooth & AUX

Many of us like to listen to music on our bluetooth devices or record sound with our microphones. With many of the new modern day technology, most devices can be connected via Bluetooth. We added Bluetooth support for when we are connected to any external device without having to experience any interuptions. Videos will still capture any audio coming to the microphone and any music playing will not stop.


Out of all the platforms, sometimes Youtube is our source of Music. It didn't feel right not being able to play a Youtube video while recording or capturing photos. So now, we added a new feature so that we could browse Youtube, load a video, hide it and record or capture photos while it is in the background.


We often run into situations where we take photos or record videos in bad lighting. We wanted to change that and so we added filters. This will let us enhance our photos or videos to create cooler and better looking content.


After taking multiple videos, we can combine them all into a single video. When we created this feature, we also ran into another problem, which was combining both portraint and landscape videos. We got over this hurdle so now we can combine both portrait and landscape videos.



Remove Audio



There were times where we recorded many videos and some made the cut and others didn't. It got really annoying to have to leave the app just so we can delete a video. With Delete, we can now remove photo captured or video recorded on our device without having to leave the app.


Our native image and video viewer is ok. We wanted great and with the new fullscreen option, we can view any photo or video in a beautiful fullscreen that is on our device.

Portrait & Landscape Orientation

Our phone screen tend to be very small at times and we are able to capture as much content. We added landscape support so that we can capture more area when we are recording or capturing photos.


We found it very hard to capture a photo or record a video that is perfectly centered and professional. Grid is a tool and feature that lets us have a better chance of being able to record videos and capture photos that are so perfectly centered that it looks like a fixed point.


We noticed that many times, we set our phone down while we are recording a video of ourselves or others. We added autofocus so that we make sure that it focues on the person in the video rather than the last location clicked on the screen creating better content.


We wanted a way of being able to start recording videos and capturing photos are the right time. We added a timer, we can set timed recording or photo capturing for the perfect shot.

Customer Support

We have used products that have a steep learning curve and sometimes we needed a little help. We have added a customer support section where we can be reached in case of any questions or even requests.